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Score is free available. Here you can download part of my works freely!

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 In order to prevent unlimited distribution and use, the content on this site, even if it is a free public work,

is generally limited to the person who downloaded it and is treated in same way as paper music scores.


Please refrain from posting or uploading sheet music data or images on SNS or online under any circumstances.

Only performance's video can be uploaded. In addition, even if it is a performance video, introduction on a "monetized" YouTube channel, use at paid concerts, and use of the work for any other purpose that generates revenue by a third party will be handled separately. We charge a usage fee. If this applies to you, please contact us and obtaining permission before proceeding.


Please be careful when handling digital sheet music. 

Use of downloaded sheet music in concerts, practical exams, and lessons involving the downloaded person, and copying within the members of ensembles that require multiple performers, etc., is permitted only within the reasonable limits of musicianship. Therefore, distribution, resale, or transfer to a third party other than the person in question, leakage of sheet music caused by copying by ensemble members, or leaked sheet music at a paid concert, or use that significantly deviates from the original purpose of the performance. We will take legal action on a case-by-case basis to protect the rights of composers and publishers in cases where there is significant evidence of unauthorized use, such as when illegal monetization due to unreported acts or unauthorized monetization is discovered. Composer Fumihiro Ono and F MUSIC do not wish to use digital sheet music beyond the scope of fair use. 


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