Regarding requests for using all Fumihiro Ono's works

F MUSIC protects the rights of Fumihiro Ono and its affiliated composers based on "Article 22 of the Copyright Act, Act on mechanical rights(performance) in Japan " and protects the rights based on the principle of a relationship of mutual trust between composers and performers. It is centrally managed. Therefore, under any circumstances, when performing managed music in a public place, all performers are charged a managed music usage fee for each performance. Composer Fumihiro Ono/Fumihiro Ono's all works and his copyrights are managed by JASRAC in Japan, ASCAP in the United States and some works by GEMA in Germany, and they are related each other. However, the application procedure has to go through an international organization, and it is extremely difficult to collect managed music usage fees internationally. Therefore, regarding the use of works by musicians performing in Japan,We are taking steps to directly collect funds through self-reporting through F MUSIC.


*For performances in Japan, please search for works managed by JASRAC here using the author name "Fumihiro Ono" and apply to JASRAC before using the work.


For performances in the U.S, the work is under the control of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Lyricists, and Publishers), so please search for "Fumihiro Ono" here and apply to ASCAP to use the work.


For other works what I told you,  Please be sure to complete following two process before using the works.

I. Declaration of performance information.

Please answer the questionnaire below. We will calculate the exact usage fee for your work, so please fill in the details.

*If there are two performances on the same day, such as a matinee or soiree, please submit separate declarations.


II. Payment of usage fees.

We will provide you with an estimate based on the usage fee calculated in step I. , and bill you for the usage fee after the concert.

*Please rest assured that in the unlikely event that the concert is cancelled, you will not need to pay. Please let us know in this case.



Please read the calculation criteria and calculation method formula below before proceeding to the survey.

Calculation method

Type A.

Ticketed Performances: are voluntarily organized by individuals/groups and there is an entry fee. Performances where the entire cost of the performance is borne by individuals/volunteer groups.

Calculation method: Average ticket price x number of songs x 80% of total attendance calculation standard amount x usage fee rate 0.7%

Example; If the "A" seat is 3,000 yen, the "B" seat is 2,500 yen, and the venue has a capacity of 200 people and only one song is used.

→2,750 yen x 200 people x 80%) x 0.7% = 3,080 yen/use fee per 1 piece.


Type B.

Sponsored Performances: that have an entry fee and some kind of sponsor.

Calculation method: Average ticket price x Number of songs x 90% of total attendance calculation standard amount x 2) x Usage fee rate 1.0%

Example; If the "A" seat is 3,000 yen, the "B" seat is 2,500 yen, and the venue has a capacity of 200 people and only one song is used.

2,750 yen x 500 people x 80%) x 1.0% = 4,400 yen/use fee per 1 piece.


Type C.

Non ticketed Performances: performance without entry fees.

 Calculation method:  Flat rate of 500 yen/piece for every 5 minutes


*Calculated based on time, not number of pieces. (Please note that 6 minute pieces will be rounded off and counted as 2 pieces. Every 5 minutes is considered as one piece.)

*Refers to all performances where the performance organizer is the performer's agency or an external group/corporation/individual. In addition, if we receive any kind of assistance such as subsidies, remuneration, musical instruments, etc., even if only in part, from external organizations/corporations/companies and sole proprietors/individuals, even if the performance is sponsored by an individual/voluntary group, this will not apply. Applies to.

*The fee is calculated based on F MUSIC's own proprietary standards based on copyright law, but it is basically similar to international calculation methods and usage fee rates such as JASRAC and NexTone in Japan, ASCAP in the United States, and GEMA in Germany. The amount is the same. Managed music usage fees are calculated based on the ticket price and number of people accommodated, but F MUSIC is discounted only for individual/group performers who pay the entire performance cost themselves. Please note that the amount charged will vary depending on sponsors, backers, and the presence or absence of subsidies.


*For large works that consist of only one part, the copyright royalty rate will be multiplied in the calculation. Please check this list to see if the work you will be using is applicable.


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