【Whom it may concern】

From February 1, 2020, I will change the important policy of Fumihiro Ono's music activities. Below are the main changes.

Please read it for reference when you request work or performance.


① Start to open Free Scor Library

I will continue to announce all my works in a state where they can be made public and downloadable. (Hereafter, these are called public works)

Public works are available to all people at the concert. I hope many people will be able to touch the work.

If you would like to touch Ono's works, please feel free to download from the following. We will upload many works in the future.

Downloadable from here.

* Excluding works that have already been contracted with the publisher 

* Excluded when published works are offered to publishers. If so, please purchase sheet music.

* Please cooperate with a simple questionnaire before downloading.

* We will take strict measures in case of commercial use such as resale.


② Regarding commissioned works

A. Personal commission

In principle, I will accept all commissions. Let's start with discussion!

Regardless of the scale of the concert or the purpose of the work. It is a conclusion that puts the success of concerts and projects first.

For inquiries regarding commissioning, please click here.

* Please start the composition with Ono's final decision.

* Please consult us about distribution of concert revenue.


Players who have been paid by commissioning until now, and those who have forgotten the premiere at Ono's discretion, have been very annoying.

Thanks to you, this decision was made. I look forward to working with you.


B. Commissions from organizations and corporations

Take the traditional method. First of all, I'm waiting for your consultation. A contract is required between the parties for the concert.

* The definition of a group shall include two or more players, such as ensembles, universities, groups, etc. that are active as organizations with unique names.


C. Commission with grants

This also takes the conventional method. I'm waiting for your request as we will respond to the consultation.


③ About F Music

I will keep in close contact with composers and continue to release works that will not be on the market.

Other Ono works will be released here.


About the dedicated work

The dedication work will also be in the form of being presented to the performer as an individual Fumihiro Ono.

Of course, this will be free of charge as usual, and I will compose it in the hope that it will be an opportunity to spread the splendor of the work and the musicians to the world.


that's all. Thank you for your continued support.


Fumihiro Ono