Fumihiro Ono (b.1990)

is a classical drummer and composer and his compositions are gaining international recognition. He has lived in Berlin since 2014 and takes part in contemporary music concerts. He composes for orchestra, chamber music, dance and theater.


Ono's compositions are based on concepts of traditional Japanese music and incorporate special musical techniques (multiple, microtonal, etc.). His own interpretation of the concept of “time” 時間 (jikan) by expanding music to include the existence of the concept of “air” 空間 (kukan, in-between space) are his current compositional themes.


Ono graduated from Showa University of Music in Japan with a degree in classical percussion.

His works have received awards: he won first prize with his compositions at the 14th PAS Italy Percussion Competition on the Cat. C: Snare drum (2016) and at the 15th PAS Italy Percussion Composition Competition (2017). He is signed to HoneyRock in the USA (since 2019) and made his international debut as a composer with the following works: “Clock Speed - for solo snare drum” and “Ko Da Ma - a small piece for solo marimba”.

“Clock Speed” was his first solo instrumental work for the snare drum and represents a consistent variation of time and rhythm. The work was presented on Japanese television, Mezamashi TV, in 2023.


In Berlin, Ono works closely with artists from the independent performance scene. Together with a collective of artists, he performed the piece Sintflut as part of the Berlin Performing Art Festival (artistic director Eszter Parragi). Fumihiro Ono is currently working on the joint musical project “Somnambul” with the singer/theater maker Dahlia Nyx. They showed an excerpt in 2023 as part of the  project funded by the Berlin Reinickendorf district.




2nd prize Composition Competition

15th PAS Italy Percussion Competition.



1st prize Snare Drum Solo.(Cat.C) 

14th PAS Italy Percussion Competition.



3rd prize Snare Drum Solo.(Cat.B)  

11th PAS Italy Percussion Competition.