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国際的に活躍中の打楽器奏者、新野将之氏により今年初演されたばかりの小太鼓独奏作品、「水墨画-Suiboukuga-」がF Musicから遂にリリースされます!





A new snare drum solo piece, “-Suiboukuga-”, which has just been premiered this year by internationally active percussionist Masayuki Nino, will be finally released on F Music! This is a long-awaited snare drum solo piece by Masafumi Suzuki, an up and coming composer. Now on sale 20 euros discounted  only for the first 100 copies!

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水墨画 / Suibokuga


~for solo snare drum~

to Masayuki Nino




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* Please note that this piece will be shipped after December 2019. Then, please purchase after understanding it!

For the reason of copyright management, only the published music sheet version will be sold. (Digital version is not sold)



鈴木雅史/Masafumi Suzuki 

He was born in 1996 in Hokkaido, Japan. He started the trumpet from junior high school and the piano from high school. He entered at Sapporo Otani University, where he studied composition with prof. Masaru Tanaka and ass. prof. Jumpei Koyama. In addition, studied percussion instruments with Mr. Naoki Kasai as a secondary subject. After graduated, he started to work as a composer, arranger, and music engraving. In 2019, he won the 3rd Prize at PAS Italy Percussion Competition Cat. Composition, it began to gain popularity. Also, he received many music composition prizes in Japan.




・第17回 イタリア国際打楽器コンクール 作曲部門 カテゴリーB 第3位

・第15回 弘前桜の園作曲コンクール 第2位 

・第16回 弘前桜の園作曲コンクール 第3位 

・第21回 TIAA全日本作曲家コンクール ソロ部門 奨励賞 

・第23回 TIAA全日本作曲家コンクール ソロ部門 審査員賞 

・平成28年度 札幌市民芸術祭 新人音楽会 奨励賞

・第29回 全日本ジュニアクラシック音楽コンクール 大学生の部 作曲部門 第5位